Thank you for attending this year's professional learning event.

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Here is what attendees said about this year's event:

There are so many different tools out there to try, it was a great way to get the chance to do that.

The PD was very helpful and informative about technology. We learned so many tools that can assist us in class.

We were provided with practical tools that we could use in a second language classroom. Great examples of how you could use technology effectively and intentionally.

It was a good day, highly recommend.

There is likely so much more they could EASILY incorporate into their teaching with very little extra work, and it would end up saving time in the long run.

It is one of the best PD sessions I have ever attended.

This was a fabulous way to make some connections and learn something new. Even though I was familiar with a number of the technologies, I heard lots of new ideas for uses. I love the networking aspect of the day, as well - getting to chat with others about the work we do is such as rare privilege (I come from a small school where I am the only language teacher).

It's not just about using technology but rather it highlights ways of using it to enhance target language usage for students.

So much stuff that you can take back to your classroom.

It is a very valuable PD event.